Smarter Lighting

Don't complicate your home with separate apps for light switches, bulbs, and lamps. HomeLink lets you light up your life effortlessly.

Lighting Made Simple

Dark evenings don't have to mean coming home to a dark doorstep. HomeLink knows when you're almost home and switches your lights on to welcome you back.

Improved Security

Intelligent lighting lets you automate your lights to deter intruders, respond to activity and make it look like you're home when you're out with smart scheduling and people detection.

Professional Monitoring

Scenes Make It Easy

Morning rush? Create an Away Scene to multiple actions with a single command. Lock the doors, change the temperature, close the garage, and more. Customize your Scenes for instant security, convenience and comfort anytime.

Control Your Home

Control & Simplicity

Smarter lighting makes your life easier. Adjust any or all of your lights with your app or a voice command. You can even turn lights on or off when you arrive home, arm your security system, or go to bed.

Featured Products

Switches, dimmers, bulbs, plug-ins, lamps. No matter the light, we have you covered.

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A Solution You Trust, Now Smarter Than Ever

HomeLink has been one of the world's oldest and most trusted home automation brands for nearly three decades, and we're just getting started. Today, we help you control your home from a single mobile app. HomeLink does it all, providing unprecedented convenience and peace of mind.

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